Culture Talks: Zeng Fanzhi
"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?" In the contemporary art lexicon, most would seem to like to ask this question of the multi-millionaire Zeng Fanzhi, an artist whose career began in China in the 1980s with unsettling and often politically charged paintings. In Britain, we have a tendency to distrust any artist who has had a lucrative career (we are, after all, the founders of the build-them-up-to-knock-them-down school)......
Balancing act
An exhibition by a Chinese artist at the Gagosian gallery in London goes beyond national and regional themes
It has finally happened – a solo exhibition of a Chinese artist whose power and interest does not depend on Chinese themes or subject matter. Since the 1990s, China has been the promised land of the global arts scene, but not one of the numerous group shows staged in the past decade – at Tate Liverpool, the Saatchi Gallery, the Hayward – has been able to make a case that artists from the region are of more than local concern......
China artist Zeng Fanzhi admits "exhibition-phobia"
(Reuters) - Zeng Fanzhi may be one of the world's most feted and valuable living artists, but the Beijing-based painter says he has little time for the publicity such stature brings.

“They are not real landscapes. They are rather about an experience of miao wu [marvellous revelation]. Miao wu constitutes a restless journey of discovery."

- Zeng Fanzhi

Zeng Fanzhi speaks of his creative process as a “subconscious response to inspiration.” The photographs taken in his studio documenting the creation of paintings in the current exhibition reflect different sources of inspiration, from within the artist’s mind and from other works of art, and also different ways of working. These glimpses of paintings coming into being add new dimensions to how one views and thinks about the completed works......
The Tragic and the Transcendent in Landscape Paintings by Zeng Fanzhi
Zeng Fanzhi (b. 1964) established himself in the 1990s as a highly successful figure painter, best known for his representations of people wearing masks that both conceal and project the indeterminate identities of young Chinese city dwellers. Since about 2004, however, landscape has been the central focus of his art. His oil paintings in this genre, often several meters wide, now occupy a place among the most distinctive and powerfully expressive works......

Welcome all the friends to visit my fist solo exhibition in UK Gagosian gallery if you have chance to London before January 19, 2013.
9 recent works are exhibited in 3 spaces separately, some vain among each piece is carefully programmed as in certain traditional Chinese aesthetic objects.
Deeply from my heart, thanks for all well arranged by highly professional team of Gagosian, I very much look forward to the communication with viewers through my art. Nowadays I returned to Beijing and began casting new series, can't wait sharing more with you in 2013.

- Zeng Fanzhi 2012·12

This fall I was pleased to be invited attending the annual trustee conference of Museum of Prado in Spain, that offered me a fortune to visit my favorite original pieces of Goya and Rubens over again. What made me deeply impressed is the everlasting energy abundant in classic arts, which I constantly hope that one day viewers who live in China will also be capable of seeing.
On the other hand, however, no Chinese version for documentaions is provided in this most renowned Spanish museum. I sincerely wish that through everyone’s effort, this could be coming true in the very near future.

- Zeng Fanzhi 2012.11